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There is nothing worse than going on the trip unprepared. You forget one thing, and that thing leads to another and all of sudden you had forgotten half of your bag. If you plan to travel across the Western US states, you should know that you will need a few things to bring upon you. As experienced travel guides, we present you the article with the essentials that you must have with you once you decide to hit the road and visit the Western States!


Yes, you need documents. Even though the chances for pulling over by a police officer are small, it would be good to have your papers on you. This includes driver’s license, passport/ID card, approval of travel program as well as the hotel’s reservation. The authorities try to stop various mischievous people like terrorists, criminals and felony offenders from traveling and endangering other people and cities. Therefore, always bring these documents with you so you don’t cause yourself unnecessary trouble and problems. Get a bag/purse just for the papers and bring them with you all the time, especially when you are traveling on the road.

Documents Passport


Bring a lot of clothes with you! You will walk a lot on the eco-tour paths and do not try to go without additional clothes! In addition, the rain comes out of nowhere and if you don’t have back up clothes to change, you might end up sick in the end. Bring windbreakers, even though this might seem unnecessary as you are traveling in the middle of summer. Believe us, if you find yourself in the woods and rain starts pouring, nothing will save you than a good windbreaker. Also, have a pair of comfortable walking shoes as you will walk a lot!

Have an insurance

Every injury that happens might be a problem not only for the rest of your trip but for you if you don’t have insurance to cover it. Before you go on the trip, make sure you get yourself a travel insurance that covers injuries and operations in the states where you will be. Medical insurance is obligatory, especially if you are coming out of the USA. Failing to obtain it, you can even get a fine for this, so make sure that you buy it at the certified issuer.