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As huge advocates for nature’s preservation and environmental protection, 80% of our travel packages are in the wilderness of the Western states, either in California, Colorado, Montana or Utah. We love to be in nature and that is why we organized these so-called workshops where we will give people food, accommodation and guidance so that we get in return the article about the wilderness! So, what do you get from these trips as a traveler? Why these are important to us and other people that are not aware of public land privatization?

The goal of Quid Pro Quo trips in the wilderness

As the public land policy is creating problems for the wilderness and wildlife, we have come to an idea to give people chances to speak about it openly. Everyone who starts our trip should write an article about the land/environmental preservation after the trip. The goal is to raise awareness as the public land policy may not be good for the environment. Getting a piece of land that you take care of should be taken seriously as you get something to preserve. However, we have seen some serious irresponsibility regarding this subject and that is why we encourage people to write about our trips and enhance other people to take care of our land.

Estes Park, CO, USA

What do you and we get from it?

As a traveler, you get the guidance, free accommodation, meals, and all other information regarding the land, species, animals and interesting spots that you might want to visit.  You will find a lot of attractions and beautiful landscapes that will inspire you to write stories and short articles about the region/state you visit. Our goal is to help people to enjoy the outdoor and see cool sights in the wilderness while we raise other’s people awareness of how dangerous is to take the public land and privatize it for the sake of personal benefits. If your story gets published, you will earn a commission for it as the newspapers/magazines would want to publish it and show as high-quality work.