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Quid pro quo travel is a type of travel where you get free accommodation, paid bus/plane/train tickets and even paid meals to produce a unique article on the city or region that you visit. As we said, we redirect all our earnings to the preservation of nature and the environment and therefore we offer you this type of trip to get a unique story from your perspective. But, what do we offer exactly? We will explain it below.

What do we offer?

So, what do you get from the quid pro quo travel and why is it good for you? Since we offer travel packages for the Western contiguous states and we offer a lot of eco-walks and visits of natural landscapes, we give you a free ride to the spot, consultations, meals and transportation to and from your stay. Also, we pay for any accommodation whatsoever, if you decide to stay overnight. Everything that needs to be paid is paid by us, you just need to have a receipt. Therefore, your entire travel would be free-of-cost as we pay for everything for you. But what do you have to give to us?

Man in deep dark green forest

What do you give us?

The only thing we need from you is to write a compelling story about the cities, landscapes and regions that we visit on our trip. We don’t expect you to write a book with 3,000 pages. We expect you to write an enticing article of 500 to 1500 words at most, reporting what you saw, what you liked most as well as the best things you experienced. The goal is to have an independent story from a traveler who used our services. You might mention our organization and our eco-routes for environmental preservation as well.

How to get a quid pro quo to travel?

Contact us with a “quid pro quo” subject either through email or by phone to discuss it. We will give you the available options and suggest the available dates for the trips so you could prepare yourself and find the most suitable date for you.