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The sight of the Grand Canyon is breathtaking, no matter who you ask. Nature has created this gorgeous view of ridges, gorges, and rock formations. No matter where you look, you can feel the sheer size of this magnificent place. That isn’t surprising as it is one of the Seven Wonders of the Word.

However, sightseeing isn’t the only activity that you can do at the Grand Canyon. It is filled with a variety of adventures just waiting for you. Some activities are family-friendly and some are adrenaline-rushing. Let’s get to know some of the most popular ones today.

Hiking And Lots Of It

One of the most common activities that you can do at the Grand Canyon is hiking. Although there are lots of wonderful sites that are accessible to vehicles, there are lots of gems to find when you go hiking on foot.

Take the Havasu Falls for example. The Grand Canyon has a lot of beautiful falls but one of the most breathtaking ones is the Havasu Falls. In order to reach this beauty, you have to hike about 10 miles. However, the hike would be worth it as you would be welcomed by this spectacular blue-green waterfall.

Ride A Mule

If you don’t prefer hiking on foot, you may also choose to ride a mule instead. There are trails in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where you can ride a mule. For the 1-hour trip, you’d be taken through the North Rim. For a longer ride or 3 hours, you’d be taken to a trail towards Uncle Jim’s Point through the Ken Patrick trail that has beautiful meadows and woods. There’s another 3-hour ride trail that goes to Supai Tunnel. This trail descends into the Grand Canyon.

Ride The Train

Another awesome way to get around the park and see what it has to offer is to ride the Grand Canyon Railway. The railway and hotel were built in 1901 and it plays an important role in providing a way to have construction materials available for the Grand Canyon Village.

It was in 1958 when the train stopped providing passenger services. Then it restarted in 1989. Today, the train brings about 50,000 people.

The Scenic Drive

If you want to explore the Grand Canyon on your own, there are lots of car-accessible areas that you could drive to. The experience doesn’t only lie at your destination but the journey towards it as well. Driving your car here and experiencing the great view from the comfort of your vehicle.


Spend the night at the Grand Canyon under the stars with a tent over your head. There are lots of camping grounds where you can put up your tent or park an RV. Camping grounds are found on either the North or South Rim.

For those who are looking for more easily accessible camping grounds that are open all year round, the South rim is best to take. The South Rim is more accessible due to the local airport plus railway service.

However, if you prefer a more secluded, less crowded campground or trail, head over to the North Rim. Although it is harder to reach, you’d experience more of the wildlife in it. This section is only open from mid-October to mid-May.

River Rafting

Care for some water activities? An exciting way to experience and see the Grand Canyon is to go rafting on the Colorado River. You can take a day trip or a 2-day trip for the river rafting adventure.

The 1-day trip will cover 12-miles of the journey, you’ll have lunch at the Travertine Cavern Falls. It is a smoother water ride as compared to the 2-day trip. The first day of the 2-day trip will be similar to the 1-day trip. However, on the second day, you’d be taken on power pontoon boats. After which, you’ll get to ride a helicopter that takes you to the West Rim.