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Traveling across the US is a serious journey and it requires a decent amount of time and resources, especially if you want to have a good experience. Everyone who traveled said that it was one of the best, if not the best one, travels in their lives so you can imagine the amount of experience you will get. As experienced advisers and guides, we decided to write this article and give you some practical pieces of advice about what you should and shouldn’t do. So, let’s start the road trip!

Get a Camper-Van!

If you have a car, it might be the last option to use to go across the Western States as there are places where you will want to stay and probably sleep over the night. While driving a car is easier and faster as well, it might not be the best option if you want to enjoy the sights to the maximum.

There are a lot of parking lots and camping spots that you will encounter down the road, so it might be a better option to have a campervan and take your spot to camp. Rent the campervan and you will not spend more than $500 on the gas for the entire trip!

Bring sun lotions

If you are going in the mid summer, do not forget to bring sun lotions. It does not take too much before you sunburn as the temperatures can be very high, especially in Arizona and Nevada. It happens that you sunburn even while you are driving so be careful. Buy a one with the high protection factor and use it while you are driving as you don’t want to burn your skin and spend the rest of your trip in the shade!

Visit Vermillion Cliffs

Once you get to Nevada, do not go straight for Las Vegas, even though you might be tempted. Visit the Wave – which can only 10 people visit per day! It is one of the most amazing spots on the Earth and how protected is tells the fact that you can pay up to $10,000 if you get caught walking without the permit/ticket.  The unique structure is not open to everyone, but you rather must apply for the tour and receive approval from the tourist organization. You can apply online before you start your trip, or you can visit the offices every day from 8:30AM to 9AM.