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There is nothing worse than starting your trip without proper equipment. You not only ruin the entire tip, but you also miss somethings that you might see once in a lifetime! If you decide to travel to the Western US states, we highly recommend you to read this article and find out what you must bring with you! We will list things you must have with you when you start the road trip in the Western part of the US.

A good camera

Yes, you will need to record everything you see! If you go Alaska or Washington, you might bump into the moose, which is a beautiful creature that wanders the wilderness! It will be nice to take a picture of it and keep that photo as one of the most precious memories so make sure that you don’t forget to put the camera in your backpack. In addition, the breathtaking landscapes and sights you will encounter must be recorded with the camera as it is something you must have proof of visiting!

Walking shoes

If you are thinking of eco-routes, do not start without a pair of good walking shoes or it will become the worst nightmare. Trailing is so hard when you don’t have the proper shoes. The Western part of the USA often experiences sudden weather changes and it often rains out of nowhere. For this reason, a pair of waterproof trekking shoes is a must-have for this trip. Head for the local shoe store before your trip and buy a pair of North Face, Columbia or Nike trekking shoes so you could overcome the different terrains and weather conditions. Don’t save money as you need high-quality shoes to endure rough terrains and long hours of walk.

Walking shoes

Waterproof backpack

As the rain spares no one, your stuff could get wet if you don’t have a waterproof backpack. Think of your documents, phone, camera and other stuff that might stop working if they get in touch with the rain. Therefore, do not save money on the backpack. Buy 70-liter if you can so you can store everything you need – from spare clothes to gadgets like a selfie stick, phone or map. Also, try to get one that has exterior compartments for bottles/cups so you can stay hydrated while you are walking.