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Eco travel routes are made for people who like wilderness and nature and would like to stay away from civilization while traveling. Thanks to a huge territory of the Western states, the enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the intact nature of many states without interfering with civilization and modern life. We organize several trips of this kind but we highly recommend the one that starts in Seattle and ends in the Rocky Mountains and it takes 10 days! For a start, what these eco travel routes are and what do we recommend?

What are Eco Travel Routes?

As we had explained, these are routes made for people who like to spend time outdoors and in nature/wilderness without going near the cities. These routes consist of several points where you will take a rest and sleep over the night, as these trips usually last anywhere from 3 to 15 days! There are no modern perks – we rely on nature solely but we also try to preserve it however we can. Sometimes, there will be small workshops where we will work on environment preservation as the goal is to keep it clean and healthy. The eco-travel routes involve meals and accommodations that you do not’ pay for – everything is free, but we ask you to write an article about your trip (quid pro quo travel).

Eco Travel Routes

What eco route trip do we recommend?

Even though we have a handful of them, we highly recommend you the biggest one, starting in Seattle and ending up in the Rocky Mountains. We start from the Olympic National Park, pass the Mount Rainier National Park, before we head down to Crater Lake National Park. The trip continues to Redwood National and State Parks before visiting Lassen Volcanic Park. From there, we visit San Francisco’s Yosemite Valley and we go down to Death Valley. There are optional tours to a few other parks nearby as well, but if you don’t decide to take them, we go to Chanel Islands National Park in LA and we head for the Grand Canyon. From GC, we go to Mesa Verde National Park, visit Great Sand Park and we head to Denver before we arrive at the final destination, the Rocky Mountains! We highly recommend this trip if you are a big fan of nature and wilderness!